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About This Site


Welcome to Tim-Rice.com

This site is designed to assist you in your real estate studies. It follows my text Illinois Real Estate Principles & Practices. After you read each chapter, log on to this site. Click on the respective chapter and add a whole new dimension to your studies.

Remember, this site is not an alternative to reading the text. The site makes use of another medium to bring a greater understanding of real estate and the real estate business.

Your instructor is the key to your success. Follow your instructor's program and use my site to supplement your class room experience. Those students in a home study program will find themselves making extended use of this site.

This site is copyrighted. Only those involved in a real estate course using my text Illinois Real Estate Principles & Practices can access the site. See your instructor for the pass word. The pass word changes every month.

Examples & Exhibits
Each of the chapters will have an area for exhibits and forms, e.g., a sales contract, listing agreement, a copy of a survey or a photo or graphic illustrating a lesson from the chapter. 

Key Questions
These questions will test you on material that has been on recent exams. The questions are on the same topics, but are not the same test questions.

Crossword Puzzles
Crossword puzzles can be found in several of the chapters. If you don't know the vocabulary - you can't begin to answer the question. The puzzles can be done right on your screen. 

Matching Exercises  
There are matching exercises in some of the chapters. Do the matching exercise right on-line. 

Flash Cards  
Vocabulary flash cards will help learn the new words associated with real estate. 

Gap Exercises
Gap or fill-in the blank exercises are the toughest of all exercises. There are gap exercises throughout the site, but pay special attention to Chapter 16, Illinois Real Estate License Law. The entire chapter is on the site with many, many blanks to fill. 

Useful Links
Useful links will take you directly to another web site for more information on topics. You'll read about the NAR and the NAREB in the text, and if you want to know more, use our link to get to their website. Pay special attention to Chapter 16, Illinois Real Estate License Law. The entire chapter is on the site with many, many blanks to fill. These exercises are a big help for passing the Illinois portion of the exam. 


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