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Chapter 12 Info





You will need to distinguish between the Federal Fair Housing Act (FHA) and the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). Question writers will often have a question where a prospective tenant looking for an apartment is in a wheel chair and the property manager discriminates against him due to his disability. The question writer give a very good distracter (wrong answer) in the possible choices-"violation of the ADA".  The ADA regulates buildings dealing with commerce, not housing. The correct answer is the Fair Housing Act. Don't get fooled by the wheel chair or any other disability-if its discrimination in housing availability its the Fair Housing Act - if its commercial property, its the ADA. 


To keep straight the federal and the state protected classes memorize the following:
Now Rice can really sell homes fast.  Who told you? My old Mamas!

Protected classes under the 1968 act:

Now - national origin
Rice - race
can -color
really - religion
sell - sex
homes - handicap
fast - familial status


The additional classes under the Illinois Human Rights Act:

old - order of protection
m - military discharge
a - ancestry
m - marital status
a - age
s - sexual orientation

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