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Chapter 11

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ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS FOR CHAPTER 11 - CLICK HERE A few more questions for chapter 11.


These fill-in exercises should be attempted after studying Chapter 11. This is a good exercise to repeat often - especially right before the state exam. 

Fill-in each of the blanks by typing the word or words right on your screen. When you have completed all the blanks, click on check. Your correct answers will remain on the screen and the incorrect answers will again be blank. If you really must, you may click on the hint button. Place the cursor in the desired blank and click on the hint button. The hint button will show the first letter of the ideal answer.


Vocabulary is extremely important. If you don't know the words - you can't even think about answering the question. Print these flash cards and take them with you wherever you go. When you have a minute - study the cards. 




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