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Debit and credit questions have been appearing on the state salesperson's exam. For a complete explanation of debits and credits click below. Then print out a blank copy of a statement and fill in the X's yourself. Also, test yourself on your understanding of debits and questions by doing the matching exercises below. 

Explanation of debits and credits - CLICK HERE

Print out a blank copy of this closing statement -   CLICK HERE

Matching exercise 1 - CLICK HERE 

Matching exercise 2 - CLICK HERE

Matching exercise 3 - CLICK HERE 

Matching exercise 4 - CLICK HERE 

Matching exercise 5 - CLICK HERE


Vocabulary is extremely important. If you don't know the words - you can't even think about answering the question. Print these flash cards and take them with you wherever you go. When you have a minute - study the cards. 


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